Thursday, January 4, 2018

Counter Darkness Shill of the Month Award

The Counter Darkness organization gives tribute to those that effectively oppose the shadow government's agendas (See a portal for those here). Due to the seething levels of corruption in government we have decided to do an opposite award: The Counter Darkness Shill of the Month Award. Those that win a shill of the month award are noted as shadow government minions in the undermining of key values & aspects of society. While it is called an award, it is truly a dishonor. Those that make this list are a walking disgrace servile to treasonous and corrupted agendas. The shill of the month award is given when exceptional corruption or servitude to shadow government agendas is witnessed by the editor & founder of the Counter Darkness website & organization.

December 2017 Shill of the Month Award: Ajit Pai of the FCC
* Net Neutrality repeal on December 14th, 2017
* Setting the foundation for a greedy corporate pilfering of a once free internet
* Rescinding of protections for small businesses, underground musicians and artists on the internet
* Ajit Pai was a Verizon lawyer previous to his appointment to heading the Federal Communications Commission[x]
* Ajit Pai's affiliation with Verizon shows a conflict of interests with the duties of Chairman of the FCC, and denotes a likelihood of administrative incompetency

January 2018 Shill of the Month Award: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions
* Rescinding of protections for legal business owners & consumers
* Undermining of the democratic process
* Absurd bias and/or deception about cannabis consumption (e.g. cannabis makes people violent)
* Enabling cointelpro of a medicinal plant and federal imprisonment of it's growers & consumers
* Undermining freedom for legal cannabis users and businesses
* Enabling a foundation for the destruction of small businesses which sell legal medicinal CBD & THC products

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  1. Maybe someone should start Schindler's list 2.0 so none of these evil doers gets away when this thing blows open.

  2. I like your initiative and am interested in speaking with you to explore where our research and understandings may compliment each other.


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