Monday, November 12, 2018

Binary Strategy - Binary Systems - Binary Weaponization

Binary systems are potent at personality based soul categorization and potent strategy. Binary can also be used to design soul science. Listed are some of the binary strategies that have so far affected myself.

Positive Aspects of Binary:

eternal dedication - irreproachable moral fidelity

relief - faith

hope - happiness

faith - happiness

duality - polarity

dichotomy - balance

Listed are some of the binary strategies that have so far bested space programs and eternally desecrated myself:

important advice to space programs: research and develop binary strategy / binary systems in all areas of reality. study counterintelligence, apply trinary or singular words to any aspect of the binary.

truth - illusion || action - counter

torture irreproachability - framing

accuracy - inaccuracy || christ - evil

action - counter || vindication - inversion

truth - illusion || framing - corruption

moral irreproachability - eternal dedication || inversion of perception

binary strategy can be amplified with trinary or overlapping concepts

illusion - illusion

forced speech - brainwashing of extraterrestrials

binary compartmenting weaponized versus myself:
illusion - truth (compartmented)
truth - illusion (offensive)
emotion - misrepresentation

feeling - inverted feeling (spirituality repression)

open mindedness - skepticism
potent stipulation context: isolation - imbalance

spirituality - anti-spirituality
potent context: antithetical repression

antichrist example: spirituality - pricelessness - accuracy
context: inversion - cosmic philistine

binary strategy is evil's 2 (opposite to the positive side's: incarnational partners)

seethe pdf document: Binary Strategy - Binary Systems

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Mental Illness & Schizophrenia Ideology

• schizophrenia does not exist in my belief system, it is a blanket label for a variety of societal judgments
• if schizophrenia is defined as a state of delusional nature as society suggests: it is conclusive that the majority of the planet is technically schizophrenic
• the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenic is weaponized against knowledgeable dissidents
• schizophrenia as a word appears to be designed with intent to cause a hi-tech psychological direction quality judgment with organic wording - predictive equivalent of linguistic thought insertion
• microwave auditory effect has scientifically proven that it is objective fact that microwaves can be beamed and modulated to create voices. this was discovered at the very latest in the 1960s.

In my time on this planet I have experienced enough to conclude the majority of society is delusional about the occult (which comprises more of reality than they are aware of). Being that the most common definition for schizophrenia appears to be a frequency of delusion: the majority of society matches it's own definition of schizophrenia (and in a growing state it is becoming pharmaceutically soulless).

Mental illness in my opinion does exist in the form of dishonor, dishonesty, infidelity, sadism, abuse, betrayal, pedophilia and other perversions, murder, corruption, rape, slander, obscene deception, and cruelty.
Psychiatric Warfare Quotations:
"To put it into perspective, the targeted individual holocaust is denied by most of the planet, and the victims are labeled mentally ill." ~Phillip Walker

"Psychiatrists are not reasonable about electronic targeting. Nor is the ideology compatible with diagnosing the difference between directed energy weapon targeting and insanity. To add insult to injury, targets are intentionally hit with psychological warfare in attempts to induce insanity." ~Phillip Walker

"The directed energy weapon conspiracy is designed to be so monstrous that it causes skepticism or pure rejection when mentioned by a witness or researcher." ~Phillip Walker

"If schizophrenia is categorized as highly delusional it would be accurate to term modern psychiatrists as schizophrenics. In addition to this what they peddle is hazardous. This makes them dangerous schizophrenics." ~Phillip Walker

"Doctors are out of their league when diagnosing directed energy weapon assaults." ~Phillip Walker

"They want to turn America and the world into a psychiatric prison." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA & co have engineered mental illness paradigms to use as a cointelpro utility." ~Phillip Walker

"Spreading disinformation is a CIA divide and conquer methodology in that once it is assimilated those that can separate the wheat from the chaff are ostracized and society automatically suppresses their success." ~Phillip Walker

"Society is so backwards that knowing the truth is considered mental illness." ~Phillip Walker

"The groups targeting people know what tactics to induce in a targeted individual's experience to make those they speak to trigger conclusions of insanity." ~Phillip Walker

Friday, October 12, 2018

The Ideology of Darkness

Ideology Developed by Counter Darkness Founder Phillip Walker
This knowledge was developed through being a victim of thousands of satanic
ritual abuse tortures and self developing my own ideology in opposition to evil.
Table of Contents
• darkness definition
• the light's darkness
• basis of polarity
• nemeses of evil
• antitheses of evil
• life solutions
• solutions to defeat evil
• definition of evil
• the spirit of evil
• the nature of evil
• agendas of evil
• strategy of evil
• methods of evil
• preferred hands of evil
• control systems
• aspects of mind programming
• brainwashing
• objectives of brainwashing
• the new age religion - psychic warfare
• false spirituality
• abrahamic religion quotations
• the god spell
• transhumanism psyop
• ai & energy weapons
• pros & cons of end game science
• fear
• torture & pain
• my victimization
• black ops crime syndicate
• manifestation of evil
• dark pact - devil's advocate - dark prayer - dark karma - dark laws of attraction
• the occult
• judgment day punishments for evil
• deoccultism
Darkness definition
a) a metaphor for evil or destructive forces (the traditional meaning)
b) the light's darkness (nemesis of evil)
c) blackness
The Light's Darkness definition
coercion or destructive force against evil e.g. tyrannicide, pedocide, illumicide.
Basis of Polarity
• duality - dualistic universe - core model of good vs. evil in the universe
• polarization - antithesis - nemesis
• balance - order - war
Nemeses of Evil
• truth (an apex medium to defeat evil) - deoccultism
• solutions - positive action
• military force (coercion is a prime force versus evil) - destructive force (evil's presence is not destroyed by love)
• warriors - defenders - protectors - heros
Antitheses of Evil
• truth - deoccultism - disillusionment - deprogramming
• social progress - activism
• justice - law - order - ethics
• righteous fury - indignation
• integrity - honor - irreproachable nature - rejection of the devil's advocate construct - refusing to victimize another person - sacrificing for others - selfless dedication - putting one's life on the line for the collective - resisting and/or conquering fear
• reason - sensibility - discernment - intellect - resistance to brainwashing
• free will - sovereignty - liberty - freedom - emancipation
• vindication - forgiveness - redemption
• transparency - decentralization - decompartmentalization
• altruism - benevolence - morality - empathy - compassion - considerate - conscience - peace - love
• activists - deoccultists - whistleblowers - genuine philanthropists - good samaritans
Life Solutions
• individuality - self development - self improvement
• positivity
• purity
• happiness
• euphoria
• enjoyment
• detoxification
• quality sleep
• quality music
• accomplishments - ambition
• action and solutions
• spiritual satiation
• emotional sanctity
• peace
• calmness
• comfort
• harmony
• affection
• true love
Solutions to Defeat Evil
• the open movement: open government (government transparency), open education (elimination of the debt culture), open science (cheap and free cures), open data (open information), open hardware (hardware blueprints available to society), open source, open research (intellectual honesty in scientific inquiry), open design (see, open history (a subcategory of open data - futurism: incarnation open history databases), open engineering (a subcategory of open hardware).

• black project technology (which includes hi-tech cures) released under open science - e.g. frequency science, ai, robotics

• decentralize the frequency science revolution with black projects released into open science

• end federal banking usurpation & theft (e.g. the system of interest paid to banks with new federal money)

• universal basic income given to every international citizen in conjunction with open science ai automation of jobs (emphasis on not letting corporations dominate the world monetarily)

• revolutionize the tax system (robin hood taxes, corporate sanctions for corruption, creative ways to elevate the lower class demographics to a higher life quality)

• show diplomats the true world picture behind the scenes - appeal for reform/change

• expose the shadow government to the public (e.g. black ops crime syndicate - the occultist leadership) - deconstruct their social agendas

• models developed to counter treasonous activity

• support congress and presidential candidates who are socially conscious

• compensate victims of the shadow government with (optimally) the shadow government's money (e.g. victims of the electronic holocaust or deep learning Ai/surveillance based intellectual property theft)

• end all military conflict (hold decision makers accountable)

• eliminate all nuclear warheads internationally

• eliminate all standing armies worldwide

• end the failed war on drugs

• deconstruct terroristic militant islam and end the 'war on terror'

• lobby to adjust the judicial system away from being an imprisonment machine / prison profit construct

• cleansing mainstream media of psychological warfare

• disillusion the planet - give the world cosmic ideology

• expose intelligence agencies for what they truly are

• proper oversight and surveillance of military and intelligence agencies is needed (right now war crimes are extreme)

• dismantle black ops crime syndicate military control

• subvert the shadow government's planetary monetary control

• hitting criminal corporations with heavy sanctions (something to build a better societal model with)

• leveling of the classes (reversing of the shadow government's war on the middle and lower class)

• building a foundation to restructure the classes (e.g. reversing the shadow government monetary social engineering, eliminating lower class as a demographic at the expense of the ruling class)

• expand, preserve, and perfect the internet (legislation protecting individuals from censorship, net neutrality protections, corporate restrictions to prevent the degradation of society)

• promote small businesses and create an environment for entrepreneurial success

• create a free healthcare system

• government systems to generate income - profit goes towards removing taxes for various demographics

• secure a more stable society (riot suppressing, anti-social instability)

• de-corrupt governments internationally (e.g. american, russian)

• hemp, cannabis, and cbd legalization internationally

• preserve the genetic assets of mankind and the planet - eliminate the gmo foods industry

• establish laws against forcibly implantation, human cloning, and human genetic engineering

• improve the justice system: add comprehensive law against hi-tech abuse of directed energy weapons, remove drug use offenses, apply mandatory minimums for pedophilia, add capital punishment for pedophilia, remove ridiculous laws that are morally wrong, improve laws against the most grievous crimes (such as government conspiracy, intelligence fraud, false intelligence, false flags, fraudulent war, war crimes)

• educate the public about psychiatric paradigms & punitive psychiatry - expose psychiatric warfare (e.g. origins, agendas, expose the international military & intelligence community's influence of psychiatric "medication", show the public the modern perpetrators)

• end sexual abuse (e.g. extirpation of human trafficking networks and prosecution of perpetrators)

• dismantle the shadow government - apply lasting justice

• expose the true nature of the Vatican (imposters of god & christ)

• protect what is priceless

• pardoning of framed individuals is possible with the right extraterrestrial surveillance sources credible, extremely vetted for credibility and honesty, and verified as a galactic culture

• an optimal incarnation history system (privacy - informed use - and free will as a general standard, copyright ownership of recordings of brain waves - identity's - body's, extreme war criminals considered for removal from incarnation monetization, creative commons - an incarnation history open database, war criminals like Hitler have data selectively released into the open database (instead of gaining money from evil) as per historical relevance

• implementing BCI centered manifestation & attribute profiles of persons, places/regions, businesses/organizations, and things. surveillance based profiles used as a new form of background check (tied to the global surveillance the allied extraterrestrial federation has going back thousands of years)

• destroy shadow government ai (cut the shadow government off from their war criminal ai)

• expose and end occultist networks

• kick evil extraterrestrials out of this solar system

• introduce the planetary society to galactic society in a tasteful fashion

"It is difficult to solve a problem you are not aware of." ~Phillip Walker

Defining Evil
[working] evil definition: an ideology, a nature, and an agenda. the inversion of what is pure.
The Spirit of Evil
• pain - suffering - agony - anguish
• war - murder - death
• psychological warfare - information warfare - psychological operations (psyop) - weaponized psychological knowledge
• psychopathy - sociopathy - heartlessness
• intentional destruction & devastation
• torture - sadism - cruelty - contempt
• abuse of all types - full spectrum abuse
• distress - humiliation - degradation - grievous slander
• proliferation of war - obsessive warfare
• calculated deception - strategic disinformation - proliferation of misconception
• black operations - covert warfare
• secrecy - compartmentalization
• infectious criminality
• master - slave - slave model
• rape culture - misogynistic ethos
• preying on the innocent or weak
• weighing a person for vulnerabilities
• attraction to power
• desire of control
• preferred society of oligarchy - disproportionate monetary gap between lower class and upper class
• illusions - deluding of the public
• infectious corruption
• a path of incrimination
• tactical distortion and misrepresentation
• suppression - subversion - sabotage - counter-proliferation of the best and brightest
• censorship of deeper truths
• desire to seek dirty advantages over opposition
• willingness to perpetrate any crime if the situation calls for it no matter how crude or filthy
• key dissidents & witnesses selected for murder - assassination
• genocide - ecocide - herbicide - hereticide - christicide

"Everything living has a spirituality." ~Phillip Walker
The Nature of Evil
• war - warfare - damage
• impurity
• control - despotism - fascism
• abuse - sadism - cruelty - maliciousness; willful intent to inflict highly grievous acts upon other beings
• pain - suffering - hardship
• predatorial disposition - preying on the defenseless, vulnerable, and weak
• suppression - subversion - sabotage
• corruption - corrosion
• oppression - exploitation - misuse
• censorship - misrepresentation
• dishonorable action - cowardice
• counterfeit - scams - schemes
• absurd levels of hypocrisy
• fraudulent accolades
• self serving egoism
• greed - usurpation - financial exploitation
• double standards - double speak
• incrimination
• fear - terror - horror
• racism - bigotry - hostility
• distress - humiliation - degradation
• inhuman atrocity - inhumane treatment - human trafficking
• torture - sadism - cruelty - contempt
• bias - unreason - belligerence - irrational egocentric reactions
• infectious planetary parasites - eternal pests
• greed - profiteering - corporate abuse - imperialism
• exploitation of the ecosystem, life & planetary resources
• use of force - coercion
• imprisonment - enslavement
• brainwashing - indoctrination
• entrapment - bribery - blackmail
• dishonor
• depravity
• destruction - damage
• desecration
• devastation
• domination
• subjugation
• malefaction
• human trafficking
• murder - assassination - death
• eugenics (e.g. eliminating bloodlines)
• engineers of holocausts
• playing god
• vampirism (parasitic feeding off of others)
• satanism
• luciferianism - lucifer
• fascism
• inversion
• ruination
• monstrosity
• megalomania - narcissism
• philistine
• holocaust ethos
• ritual abuse - blood sacrifices - blood-drunk sadism - unrestrained cruelty
• occultism - secrecy - compartmentalization - concealment
• genocide - ecocide - hereticide - christicide - omnicide
• inverted spirituality - full spectrum perversion

"Dishonor will be met with judgment." ~Phillip Walker
Strategy of Evil
• illusion - deception - misdirection - disinformation - distortion - lies - subterfuge

• impurity - perversion - abuse - corruption - infidelity - immorality - dishonesty

• trauma - dissociation - disassociation - personality fracture - personality fragmenting

• ruination of opposition - counterintelligence directed at shadow government heresy

• obstruction of progress - obstruction of justice - obstruction of truth

• cover stories - cover ups - misdirection - misconception - obfuscation - concealment - censorship

• counter-proliferation - image management - opposite branding - judgment management - monetary suppression

• mind control - neuro-enslavement - brainwashing - neuro-abuse - neuro-sadism

• unfairness - falsification - cheapness - cheating - rigging - fraud - hoaxes - half truths

• slander - libel - character assassination - defamation - denigration - misrepresentation - misattribution

• torment - mockery - ridicule - ostracization - alienation

• intellectual property theft - plagiarism - false credit - false branding - dishonorable marketing

• dehumanization - dumbing down - drugging - toxification - poisoning the population - sterilization

• rigging - fraud - hoaxes - half truths

• punishment & reward systems

• creation of mass consumed propaganda (e.g. war propaganda, us vs. them paradigms) - disinformation - promotion of misinformation

• secrecy - compartmentalization - occultism

• military control - intelligence agency control - legislative control - political control - monetary control

• manifestation of pestilence - plagues - diseases - viruses - chemical warfare - nuclear warfare

• manchurian assets / shills - imitation whistleblowers - false witnesses - false prophets - false messiahs

• conformism - lack of proper open mindedness - irrational skepticism

• attacking evil's opposition

• control of intelligence agencies

• the shadow government looks for ways to slip social fascism into policy by strategically manipulating the left and right wings of politics

• corrupted social constructs and creation and/or infiltration of social movements

• orchestrated crisis with intentions of social engineering

• desensitizing of the public in strategic areas, creating triggers in others

• inciting racial conflict - Creating or manipulating racists - Promoting racial programming

• shadow government orchestrated etymology (warping word definitions to match occultist goals)

• behavioral modification via psychological warfare[i]

• counter-proliferation programs

• character assassination campaigns / smear-jobs to cause public disrepute for effective opposition

• framing a target as mentally ill to marginalize their testimony and take away their rights

• strategic weaponization of anything debilitating (e.g. substances, poisons, neuro-toxins)

• the fluoride in water ends up in our soil & food also, if I was not aware of intentionally evil agendas it may puzzle me why a large portion of the planet is ingesting a neuro-toxin to keep their teeth healthy

• neuroweaponry assaults - directed energy weapon assaults

• zersetzung psychological warfare - organized stalking & harassment campaigns

• targeted harassment as a punishment for exposing corruption

• remote influencing technology based entrapment of individuals

• maximum psychological distress with the minimal amount of physical evidence[80]

• predictive programming manipulates the public

• control of the opposition through pervasive covert information warfare

"Even the best resources, human and material, however superbly coordinated, cannot consummate a
successful operation if the overall aim of the total force and it’s momentum are off target.[61][62]" ~Sun Tzu

• terrorism by proxy - manufactured terrorism

• farcical democracy

• secret courts (e.g. The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court[66])

• money laundering (e.g. through fraudulent charities)

• rigging of elections

• geoengineering / weather warfare

• dark law of attraction[i]

• elevating pseudo-experts or manchurians to positions for social engineering purposes

• suppression of revolutionary and positive change

• mainstream media complicity in covering up war crimes

• framing of innocent targets

• mental health fascism used against witnesses of conspiracy

• mind control based slander

• shifting of blame

• bearing false witness

• mass incrimination agendas

• monetary targeting

• intellectual property theft[i]

• covert mass de-attribution agendas through synthesis of thought mechanics (e.g. sports, music)

• suppression of naturopathic remedies (e.g. thc & cbd)

• controlled technology release

• covert torture of individuals with neuroweaponry or directed energy weapon induced physiological symptoms to promote false diagnosis and drugging

“There is a massive mammoth complex secret mechanism in the U.S. government,
it’s called the intelligence community. It is so powerful that not even the
congress or the senate can control it. Matter of fact it controls them…[i]”
~Ex-CIA Officer Kevin Shipp

• disconnecting people from soul/genetic attributes through brain damage while replacing the soul's attributes with agenda operated thought insertion

• weaponized vaccinations

• murder by proxy

• murder cover stories (e.g. suicide, overdose, lone gunman, engineered car accident, orchestrated plane accident, directed energy induced cancers and tumors, microwave heart attack)

• strategic & arranged molestation or rape - Weaponized sexual abuse

• control of music industry

• control of hollywood

• like intelligence agencies, corporations are an optimal vessel of evil

• "satanic" subliminals in media

• corrupted psychology paradigms

• corrupted psychiatry paradigms

• doctoring of evidence

• deception in debate (which is much worse than being wrong with nescience in debate)

• spawning judgement against the truth and those that embody it

• deceptive weaponization of wording context

• claiming patriots are “anti-government"[i]

• engineering of tax and law loopholes

• presenting of accurate information from a source to establish credibility to prep for later exploitation (e.g. acute deceptions planned from higher ground while conditioning with accuracy). There is a great likelihood this is done to us Congress by the cia.

• covertly orchestrating strategic bugs & glitches in software/hardware and websites for purposes such as counterintelligence based social control or business sabotage (e.g. mind control orchestration of bugs/glitches that are not readily apparent, for the cia to exploit versus activists)

• theft of intellectual property by way of neural monitoring and broadcasting it to others via the electronic control grid

• ai simulation based intellectual property theft

• neural monitoring + covert thought insertion as a means of information gathering & covert interrogation

• shifting credit from the worthy to the fraudulent (they are implementing a society full of successful frauds and cointelpro'd talent)

• false solutions - suppressing true solutions, promoting fraudulent solutions via trickery (e.g. promoting false solutions by eliminating a technological presence at a strategic time which falsely indicates the solution works)

• intentionally making law and government documents hard to understand

• the shadow government implements dirty use of the law against their enemies, while they embody the worst criminality on the planet

• writing of the history books - fraudulent rewriting of history - concealment of true history

• shadow government murder is being perpetrated via covertly controlled proxies

• microwave warfare induced cancers & tumors strategically given to individuals

• "fake news" policy strategically inserted into society (the main idea is to label threatening truths as 'fake news')

• psyche profiled people are given covert bci inserted ideas that shape society

“In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always
be attended by a bodyguard of lies.[i]” ~Winston S. Churchill
Methods of Evil
• deception is a core tenet of evil and one of it's main advantages

• social engineering - belief and behavioral modification - belief system engineering - societal control systems - ideological brainwashing - mechanisms to proliferate and protect evil's systems of control

• religious control systems - information warfare from the establishment (dating back over one thousand years)

• prone to use any effective illusion to preserve power

• cover stories - cover ups - patsies

• an eternal war versus the truth

• when you oppose evil's systems it assaults you by proxy

• evil seeks to consume an individual

• reorientation of an individual into serving the agenda

• disconnection from the soul via neuroscience - soul attribute synthesis is a modality of evil

• creation or utilization of disease

• strategic creation or enhancing of dysfunction

• corrosion of freedom, ethics, and purity

• poisoning of the mind, body, and soul

• strategic elimination of genetic lines to suppress opposition

• evil seeks the destruction of ecosystems

• the hands of evil seek to destroy the family unit & family union

• to turn friends into foes

• to weaponize people, places, and things

• an attraction to positions of power over others

• evil seeks to create both spiritual and physical wounds

• molestation of children & rape culture is a key tenet of evil

• evil promotes the blood sacrifice of men, women, children, and animals

• propagation of systems such as religion (e.g. to get a good person to kill another good person)

• evil implements punish/reward systems to engineer a conditioned social environment

• use of end game science to control, suppress, and subdue the common man

• manipulation with hidden psychological knowledge

• infiltration of the mind's of individuals

• evil entices the general public to attack those who seek to free them

• evil seeks to poison the mind of an individual as young as possible

• every possible form of torture is used by evil (in the universe)

• to cause trauma to innocent individuals is a goal of evil

• evil gets spiritual satiation from abuse

• maximizing exploitation and abuse while minimizing evidence

• slander and discrediting of those who shine light on it's actions

• the shills of evil come in many types (every human racial type on earth)

• evil has a process for heretics of it's nature

• evil has no regard for the sanctity of life of another individual

• mental and physical imprisonment are objectives of evil systems

• censorship: from blatant censorship to clever concoctions to rationalize censorship as something else

• fraud is a key tenet of evil

• use of neuro-linguistic programming (e.g. anchoring an agenda based misconception surrounding a premise)

• evil creates a living nightmare for targets while getting off on their devastation

• those most servile to evil are crude degenerates whose existence is an affliction upon the planet they exist on

• evil is like a virus, it infects it's host until no longer suitable and moves on

• those serving evil know the deceptive nature of the conspiracy, yet believe they themselves are not deceived

• evil promotes secrecy in it's ranks, punishable by death (or worse)

• evil uses it's assets until no longer useful, they are then trashed

• evil has internal brainwashing in it's ranks (e.g. to never question authority; to accept any circumstance no matter the depravity, the idea that evil is the dominant force, the idea that evil will not be punished, the idea that evil is more intelligent, the idea that evil always wins)

• in the universe evil is known for cheap & dirty tactics to defeat intellectually and mentally superior opponents

• inversion of the truth is a tenet of evil

• evil seeks to contaminate what is pure

• sadistic abuse is a prime modality of evil

• evil seeks to frame the innocent for their own crimes

• evil seeks to entrap individuals

• evil seeks to bring everyone down to it's own pathetic level

• when evil does not have the tact or intelligence to defeat it's opponent it resorts to cheapshots & force

• exploitation of any societal system is an prime ethos of evil

• attempted control of any system that has power over a population (e.g. Congressional subterfuge)

• evil often knows it's enemies

• a person can be an enemy of evil without realizing it

• perhaps the new age demographics are most deluded about love & evil

• the new age convinces target demographics that evil does not exist (in the face of monstrous evil)

• the public enemies of evil are a group of uncoordinated individuals

• evil implements systems to retard social progress

• evil seeks to desecrate sanctity of life en mass

"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government
is actually doing is worse than you imagine.[i]" ~William Blum
Agenda of Evil
• war culture
• societal engineering - population conditioning - perception management - belief system engineering
• 9/11 catapulted the nwo agenda (surveillance, war, black budget)
• questioning the official narrative is labeled as being like a terrorist (Sources: FBI | David Cameron)
• questioning of the official narrative being labeled as mental illness (sources: 1 | 2 | 3)
• massive set of psychological operations (new age, religious, scientific, beyond)
• eugenics
• depopulation (this is not done through moral means)
• intentional dumbing down of the population (e.g. big pharma, poisoning of foods, impurities in the water, impurities in the air - chemtrails, mass media zombification, senseless music industry, etc)
• exploitation of resources
• gmo agenda (attacks on the planetary genome)
• war vs. truth (pervasive information warfare)
• war on terror (e.g. Military Industrial Complex enrichment, conditioning of the masses to accept occultist agendas)
• war on drugs (prison profit enrichment, injustice filled war on the people)
• indoctrination centers masquerading as educational institutions
• mass pacification - mass drugging - dumbing down of the population
• internet suppression & control (e.g. they want to make the internet less anonymous and with more legal threat)
• destroying net neutrality - converting a free internet into a cable TV model
• internet sabotage - website sabotage - internet information warfare
• software sabotage (e.g. creative software)
• product sabotage

“There is a ‘safe foods list’ the shadow government has created.” ~Phillip Walker

• corporate gatekeeping - corporate models rationalized by 'profit' that coincide with shadow government agendas
• suppression or insertion of ai algorithms
• nuclear radiation poisoning of the world (fukushima was caused by these parties)
• food and agricultural sector poisoning
• control of the world seed supply
• corrupted oil company suppression of revolutionary engine models (gas mileage as a motive)
• suppression of revolutionary energy/power techniques
• militarization of police
• making schools like prisons - police state schools
• inducing a government philosophy to persecute whistleblowers - the truth has been labeled treason while treason is protected by national security excuses (treason is an understatement of what military & intel agencies are doing)
• manufactured presidents & prime ministers
• propping up, blackmail & control of dictators
• overthrowing of governments & dictators
• sale of arms - proliferation of war
• injustice in the law system
• suppression of enlightening paradigms
• proliferation of endarkening paradigms
• patient progression of agendas through numerous generations
• orchestrated social events to query public perception
• systems of suppression[i] (e.g. via social infrastructure)

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime,
you are being ruled by criminals.” ~Edward Snowden

• taking away of rights through slow drip false flag fueled government policy or false mental illness diagnoses
• corporate masters - corporate hidden hand
• cashless society
• surveillance on all purchases - restriction of purchases by authority
• sophisticated global surveillance network
• compartmentalization of the conspiracy
• targeted individuals - 21st century targeting
• an artificial intelligence operated electromagnetic surveillance grid monitors and psyche profiles the global population, after data analysis a covert directed energy weapons system is used to assault those who are most resistant to brainwashing and those most capable of opposition
• manchurian mind control assets in government (lifelong groomed assets for their position)
• protection of dirty industry - promotion of corrupt industry over revolutionary & positive alternatives (e.g. Hemp)
• agendas to thwart public domain progress in the areas of science (particularly frequency science). Electronic control grid sources have strategically used deceptive rationalizations packaged for government insiders to secretly curtail the public domain implementations of directed energy technologies (e.g. "the public cannot handle these technologies", or "it will disrupt the business sector" - such as big pharma).

"The deepest truth is at a disadvantage due to deception being able to appear more 'rational'.
This happens as result of truth being static and potentially outrageous while psychological warfare
options include intentional deceit with rationality as part of it's design." ~Phillip Walker

• bastardization of science
• bastardization of spirituality / control of religious institutions
• dumbing down of education
• infiltration and covert mind control of ufology through “contactees" / channels
• new age psy ops - new age religion
• old age religion control
• implant / rfid agenda
• covert mind control assets
• satanic media and snuff films - promotion of horror movies
• ritual abuse - ritual sacrifice - blood sacrifice
• sexual abuse - sex slaves - pedophilia - rape
• proliferation & cover up of pedophilia & rape networks and prolific pedophiles/rapists
• gender inversion - gender warping
• promotion of bigotry, misogyny, & misandry
• mind control & sex slavery within the music industry
• control of hollywood + mainstream media
• population conditioning mind control programs

“Our entire school system has become a mind control network.” ~Ex-CIA Agent Robert Steele

• division of the masses (monetarily, psychologically)
• poisoning of the water, air and food supply
• bastardization of healthcare field - flawed pharmaceuticals
• perpetuating the business of sickness (sickness is an actual industry)
• targeting and/or assassination of key dissidents
• staying in power is a focus
• totalitarianism - fascism
• left & right wings of politics take turns taking the blame while progressing the same agenda
• a movement can be created by the shadow government based on pre-existing conditions for that movement (e.g. co-opting a legitimate future threat)
• crafty falsification of history through hollywood & motion pictures
• corporations as a form of government control
• corporate corruption - corporate blackmail / corporate sabotage / corporate lobby
• infiltration of corporate decision making via electromagnetic mind control
• elimination of responsible small businesses through corporate buyout
• sabotage of targeted small businesses & small business owners
• electronic targeting as a means of counter-proliferation
• schools as indoctrination centers - brainwashing & conditioning of the young
• religious brainwashing - cult brainwashing
• watered down or false science paradigms
• psychological direction into irrational scientism belief systems & mindsets
• funneling black project talent into the shadow government as opposed to contributing to public domain sciences
• psychiatric warfare - infiltration of psychiatric industry for cover up & weaponization purposes
• drugging of the population, especially of children
• demographics divided into left & right brain imbalances via social engineering

"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government
is actually doing is worse than you imagine.[i]" ~William Blum

* augmentation of feminine qualities in targeted males
* augmentation of masculine qualities in targeted females
* suppression of masculine qualities in targeted males
* suppression of feminine qualities in targeted females
* transexualization of non-transexual targets via covert neuroweaponry
* homosexualization of straight targets via covert neuroweaponry
* electromagnetic mind control of stabbings, shootings, rapes, molestations
* human+ cloning programs
* monetary strangulation of economy - economic slavery / monetary dominance and control
* monetary enslavement tactics negate free time and in effect suppress knowledge, self development, awareness, and threats to the shadow government
* continued consolidation of global financial assets into the hands of the 1%
* crafty falsification of history through hollywood
* false flags to predictively program / problem - reaction - solution model
* weaponized disease - weaponized viruses - weaponized chemicals
* corrupt pharmaceutical science regulation - weaponized pharma
* rigging of influential events via the electronic control grid
* pro sports are controlled - body control via RF weaponry implantation
* hollywood directors seeded nwo agenda aligning thoughts for film scripts
* predictive programming covertly implemented into commercials & film
* selected musicians are enhanced & augmented
* selected musicians are suppressed, sabotaged, and/or assassinated
* a whole generation of music creations have been sabotaged by cia mind control & assassination programs
* serial mind rape
* one world government
* transhumanism psychological operations
* concealing of the occult (which applies to every field)
* malicious programming of minds - brainwashing
* evil programming of genetics - genetic corrosion
* remorseless programming of soul - to spiritually deaden the population

ex-cia Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan's book: Project Soul Catcher Vol II; page 285:
"I got to see what they have been working on with enormous ramifications to all social order,
a new world order of electronically controlled humans without their consent or knowledge."
~Quote from a Whistleblower
Preferred Hands of Evil
• secret societies
• intelligence agencies
• militaries
• governments - politicians
• corporations
• think tanks
• banks - banking system
• wall street
• mainstream media
• alternative media
• hollywood
• music industry
• churches - papacy
• science - journals
• schools - universities
• hospitals - psychiatric wards
• psychiatry - pseudo-psychology - neuro-psychiatry - neuro-psychology
• pharmaceutical industry
• genetic engineering industry
• artificial intelligence industry
• monarchies
• dictatorships
• law - the justice system

“If someone proposes an idea that contradicts yours, is it because they don’t what
you know? Or because they know something you don’t yet know?[i]” ~Tom Montalk

• psychiatrists - psychologists - doctors
• propagandists - speech writers - public relations
• directors - script writers - tv programmers - filmmakers
• police - foot soldiers - organized stalkers
• commissioners - chairmen - board members - CEOs
• congressmen - senators - parliament members - governors - mayors - statesmen
• presidents - prime ministers - dictators - monarchies
• generals - admirals - marshals - lieutenants
• white house staff - presidential cabinet - attorney generals - governors
• athletes - actors - musicians - lyricists - singers
• pseudo-journalists - news anchors (both are often more accurately labeled psychological warfare operatives)
• bankers
• priests - bishops - cardinals - popes
• scientists - black project engineers
• channelers - black ops 'contactees' - psychics - remote viewers - energy healers - remote influencers
• false messiahs - false prophets - cult leaders - gurus
• intelligence operatives - intelligence agency directors
• occultists - secret society members - satanists - luciferians - pedophiles - rapists

"Our society gives god status to those who can fake a persona well (acting)." ~Phillip Walker
Control Systems
• belief system warfare - ancient information warfare

• mind programming manipulation - strategic mind viruses - predictive programming

• linguistic programming - dishonorable linguistic use

• propaganda - media control

• shadow government social suppression systems (e.g. science funding cuts for supporting a 'fringe' truth, rashard mendenhall's contract being cut from champion for mentioning 9-11, an ai based weapons system thought injecting fear into individuals when they think to oppose a system of control)

• us vs. them paradigms (goyim, gentile, infidel, pagan)

• imposters of god - imposters of christ

• counterintelligence - cointelpro

• electronic harassment - electronic torture - electronic trauma - electronic life destruction

• eugenics (e.g. eliminating bloodlines)

• fraud - falsification - hoaxes

• action by proxy - false flags

• cover stories - cover ups

• counterfeit - scams - schemes

• manipulation of any and all systems

• hostility towards the incorruptible - murderous ethos versus activists and dissidents

• imprisonment of the innocent and common man

"Witnessing the social degradation of those who speak out conditions a culture
of fear in society and in effect neutralizes effective opposition." ~Phillip Walker

mind programming information from a slide in my upcoming film:
The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion
Aspects of Mind Programming:
predictive programming definition - inciting an action that causes a predicted reaction
anchoring definition - the development of mind programming foundations
conditioning definition - establishing & strengthening neural pathways through repetition
trigger definition - strong reactionary mind programming related to a particular premise
association - associative programming (e.g. guilt by association, discrediting by association)
rationalization - used in psychological warfare to persuade belief & behavioral modification
belief - beliefs are tied to the mind programming matrix - the mind matrix often serves
notions that align with one's beliefs. beliefs are a prioritized focus of the black ops crime syndicate
projection - people perceive aspects of themselves in others
perception - mark passio: perception is not objective reality - our job is to align the two
linguistic programming definition - the mind programming tied to language
Mind Programming Details:
• mind programming is universal to consciousness: all living beings have mind programming
• mind programming can be positive or negative (or both)
• every organically conceived thought has programming related to it - the natural laws of the mind
• people who have been firmly programmed with deception often have no capability to see reason in a conflicting point of view - character flaws enhance programming susceptibility
• brainwashing is partially based on the acceptance of false ideology

• pre-programmed artificial intelligence is a real time operator of electronic brainwashing

• a blank slate or indifference has increased susceptibility to belief and behavioral modification

• the brainwashed are programmed by a false sense of normality which contrasts with truth and in effect renders them unable to reason properly

• terminally brainwashed people have strong minded inability to discern truth in the area(s) they are brainwashed

• belief system engineering is a prime focus of the black ops crime syndicate

• reorientation from sensitive truth is a high objective of black operations - reorientation from being mentally liberated is an ai focus

• predictive programming

• misconceptions

• misdirection

• cover stories and cover ups

• the rationalization

• the patsy

• the false version

• false light

• personality modification

• social systems - control systems - neural enslavement mechanisms

• plausible deniability

• manchurian candidates - mind control assets

• social engineering - social architects (syndicate handlers)

• controlled opposition - co-opted opposition - neutralized opposition

• victim awareness marginalization (e.g. new age ideology stating victims are the cause of their own victimization, accusing witnesses when speaking out of being in a "victim mindset")

• societal toxification for more conducive brainwashing - dumbing down of the target demographics is occurring

• brainwashing is infectious - those that are brainwashed contaminate those they speak to

• neural imprisonment - neural personality conditioning - personality deletion - character reorientation - neural forgery - forced speech - pain based coercion - threat based coercion - image management - opposite branding -

• surveillance connected neural interfacing is a component of military and intel community brainwashing - the psychic warfare reported starting in the 1970s was a cover story derived from exotic black project frequency science such as surveillance based neural interfacing

fake psychic nature: one of the ultimate psychological direction tools

the god construct: an timeless psychological direction tool which has similar psychological potential to fake psychic nature posing as a person's spirituality

demonic possession construct: one of the most potent ideologies to cover up an electronic mind control presence - in a nutshell: demonic possession is hidden science

avenues of brainwashing: mainstream media, alternative media, books, films, websites, music, government, politics, religion, science, esoteric, ufology, the occult

full spectrum brainwashing: abrahamic religion, buddhism, the new age, scientism, politics, mainstreamism, alternative media, the lower level occult, and even the shadow government has their own brainwashing

some of the most effective psyops: transhumanism, spiritual warfare, psychic warfare, ufology, ascension, mass shootings in america, 9-11-2001, the alex jones crucifixion and life destruction, the propping up of david icke, the intelligence community, donald j. trump Presidency (he is a victim), vladimir putin (he is generally innocent as far as I know), sandy hook, flat earth, christ, god, archangels, satan, lucifer, new age energy healing & remote influencing,

• social ostracizing occurs when a deeper truth is spoken to the brainwashed

threats to knowing the truth: electronic targeting, monetary suppression, relationship cointelpro, gangstalking, death threats, family threats, covert reorientation (e.g. via thought injection or rf mind hacking), psychiatric drugging (e.g. mental illness framing), psyche ward, jailing, imprisonment, assassination - fast kill / slow kill

shadow government societal focuses with brainwashing: governments, military, intelligence agencies, the political spectrum, god, christianity, islam, judaism, buddhism, the new age, scientism, mainstream media, alternative media, hollywood, the music industry, documentaries, art, activism, whistleblowers, targeted individuals, black ops, extraterrestrials, gender identity, the family, sexuality,

• susceptible character traits to brainwashing: gullible nature, naivety, nescience, assumptions, ego, inability to see when you are wrong, closed mindedness - overzealous skepticism, overactive emotion, emotional immaturity, immorality, dishonor, psychopathy, weak mindedness

• character strength versus brainwashing: irreproachable nature, reason, sensibility, intellect, discernment, strong willpower, lack of ego, zero tolerance for dishonor, knowing what one knows and knowing what one does not, knowing when something is an assumption, modesty, being able to see when you are wrong, rational open mindedness balanced with reasonable skepticism, ability to quantify a competent degree of error, emotional maturity, composure, benevolence, morality, empathy, conscience, ethics, honor - integrity,

• solutions for brainwashing conditions: individuality - non-conformism, self development - self improvement, skepticism balanced with open mindedness, ability to reconsider a belief or disbelief, realization of the potential for wrong conclusions, sensibility when someone contradicts you, open reasoning instead of ignorance, knowledge that judgment is fallible

• soul science is a focus of brainwashing - genetics are a focus of brainwashing - neurological variables are a focus of brainwashing

• deep learning ai's intended to reproduce the natural laws of a person are used in the simulation of individuals for assessment of brainwashing susceptibility

• the results of brainwashing are often opposition to the truth or rejecting genuine social progress

• predictive programming is a foundational approach in brainwashing - foresight of what people will accept is utilized to manipulate the public

"When brainwashing is terminal for the mainstream of society those that know the truth are suppressed by default. Monetary conditions such as project funding and job availability are affected by how an individual is judged by others. In modern society deeper truths are considered a mental illness and potential social progress in science is suppressed by mechanics related to how an idea contrasts with mainstreamism." ~Phillip Walker
Brainwashing Constructs
core focuses: belief system - ideology - terminology - personality
false ideology: religion - pseudoscience - flawed philosophy
philosophical control: false knowledge - watered down ideology - false notions of reality
terminology management: low quality terminology - distorted terminology - false terminology
religious control: abrahamic - eastern - new age - scientism - lower level occultism - esoteric - old age
psychological control: brainwashing - anchoring - conditioning - triggers - rationalization - association - belief - emotion management - societal upbringing
perception management: - false beliefs - false ideology - false philosophy - false religion - false science - false light - false knowledge - false solutions - false context - false messiah - false prophets - false witnesses - false flags - false intelligence - false perpetrators
linguistic programming: associative word programming - name branding - terminology counterintelligence - ideology degradation
movement counterintelligence: movement co-opting - movement cointelpro - paradigm concealment
cover up models: deception engineering - cover story proliferation - covert reorientation programs -
dirty strategy: framing - rigging - fraud - cheating - cheapness - hoaxes - half truths
character assassination models: comprehensive slander ops - opposite branding - reputation management - image distortion - intellectual property theft (surveillance or ai based simulation in unison to thought injection) - false plagiarism claims to reduce respectability of accomplishments - originality suppression - de-respect mechanisms - personality theft
• deception - distraction - misdirection - misconception - distortion -
legacy ruination: sickening slander - grievous intellectual property theft - offensive false plagiarism claims - pairing of accomplishments to counterintelligence - unavoidable mind programming mechanics
The Cover Story
• mental illness as the prime electronic harassment cover story

• end game technology packaged under persuasive 'spiritual warfare' illusions (such as demonic possession)

• directed energy interaction packaged as the supernatural

• government technology under a cosmic facade

• religious themed illusions - using religion ideology as a means for cover stories

• extraterrestrial contact as a psychological operation cover story

• ghosts as a cover story - ai orchestrated phantom illusions

• end game technology as a sorcery cover story

• end game technology as the real source behind effective voodoo

• witchcraft as a directed energy cover story

• black project science under a black magic cover story

• divination cover stories - neural interfacing masquerading as the supernatural

• directed energy attacks or synthetic signals in the brain deceptively packaged as physiological ailments

• “psychic attack” as a directed energy attack cover story

• “spiritual attack” as a directed energy attack cover story

• new age cover stories (e.g. disembodied spirit illusions)

• old age mythological gods used as cover stories

• dark god or evil spirit cover stories for motivating occultists

• human based electronic harassment with aliens packaged as the perpetrator

• scientology methods as a cover story for technological remote influence

• exotic neurobody illusions (e.g. chakra, entity attachments, ethereal implants, light body, astral body)

• inter dimensional being interaction as an electronic targeting cover story

• exploitation of illusory explanations to conceal directed energy crimes

• god - holy spirit - christ - satan - lucifer - demons - jinn - spirits - deities - gaia

"Black ops prey on on the improbable being rationalized as untrue." ~Phillip Walker
The New Age Religion - Fake Psychic Warfare via Neuroweaponry
mind control asset channelers, faux contactees, the army of manchurian psychics and remote viewers, the pleiadian concept, the alleged "starseeds", alleged psychic energy healers and remote influencers, those experiencing astral projection - near-death experiences - out of body experiences, hi-tech telepathy framed as natural

“There are new age cover stories for literally every single type of technological influence i have
experienced in almost a decade of extensive technological targeting experiences.” ~Phillip Walker
False Spirituality
Fake Psychic Controlled Opposition
• neural interfacing weaponized with a psychic spirituality cover story

• extremely powerful psychological direction and brainwashing ability

• the intelligence community built an alt media faux psychic new age army

• false spirituality 2.0: psychic warfare - alt media belief and behavioral modification

• false spirituality 2.0: black ops technology packaged as supernatural ability - subsequently this hi-tech mind infestation psychologically directs and brainwashes over a period of time until the objectives are reached

• false spirituality 2.0: the new age - the new world order religion

"Even the best resources, human and material, however superbly coordinated,
cannot consummate a successful operation if the overall aim of the total
force and it’s momentum are off target." ~Sun Tzu, The Art of War
David Icke (New Age False Messiah)
• cia and british syndicate alt media belief and behavioral management

• claims queen elizabeth is a lizard, she is actually denied her royal authority by mi6, mi5, and the british military (i believe prince philip claims this role as an illegitimate king)

• fake contact with a non-existent god (the god he speaks to is actually an military and intelligence community engineered handler ai)

• pseudo-psychic nature that in reality originates from black ops neural interfacing (powerful brainwashing)

• at the intro of david icke's black op (via military and intel community mkultra tech) the shadow government created counterpoints to detract from popular "conspiracy theory" - conspiracy information has been branded with counterintelligence (this is incredibly common in alt media)

• david icke was propped up with intentions to replace christ and old age religion and usher in a new era of faux psychic psychological direction and nonsense posed as esoteric truth - e.g. saturn is the mind control source, "look at the cosmic shape on it, it must be mind controlling us"

• propagates ridiculous disinformation: such as Saturn is what mind controls us (microwave transmitters and rf implants are the real source), the entire universe is a synthetic ai hologram (yet somehow neural interfacing is unacceptable when the whole universe is technically technology), the spiritual warfare deception (which he may be the top alt media source promoting spiritual warfare - both the mainstream and alternative commonly believe in spiritual warfare; could this be the occulted truth?), bastardized reptilian information (they have space programs shrouded in illusion, they do this with science), love is the only real thing everything else is illusion (marginalizing what the truth is to people and and deluding people about love), infinite love is the only truth (a person's love is scientifically measurable), queen elizabeth is a shapeshifting lizard (she is actually a murder target of prince philip - the real controlling force in england)

• he is a conspiracy theorist = in modern years the conspiracy theorist demographic buy just about anything conspiratorial (as opposed to conspiracy witnesses, insider whistleblowers, and targets of the electronic holocaust)

• focuses on ai in the future without awareness that it already happened (while we are about 50 years into an ai based electronic holocaust) - ai is being pushed forward by the shadow government and david will be correct in thinking the shadow government will do their agenda with it - they plan to align alt media and doomporn ai propaganda with the transhumanism psyop and the progression of science - one objective of david's handlers is to degrade public opinion of ai and neural interfacing and replace it with a hi-tech psychological direction model of psychic new age false spirituality

• full spectrum brainwashing of alt media about transhumanism - this psyop has been extremely effective (i estimate it has achieved nearly a 100% success rate on alt media)

• covertly augmented controlled opposition hypocritically detracting from transhumanism (an augmentation oriented movement)

• deluding alt media about ai - alt media is incredibly nonsensical about ai due to mind control assets proliferating transhumanism psyop and exotic extraterrestrial themed disinformation

• replacing christianity with new age ideology - replacing christ with david icke (note: i am atheist yet this is still my view)

“The best slave is the one who doesn't know of his/her enslavement condition.”
~Adapted Anonymously from a Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Quote
Abrahamic Religion Quotations
“Humanity has been conditioned to look up to a higher power when it comes to world change.” ~Phillip Walker

"If one believes they are a sinner by default, this rationalizes continued sinning." ~Phillip Walker

"If God sends people to an everlasting hellfire for a simple life of confusion this justifies treating the 'infidels, goyim, or pagans' unjustly in follower minds." ~Phillip Walker

"Don't you realize that each of us, who has been immersed into Jesus Christ, has been immersed into his death?" ~Gnostic Scripture

"What if Christ looked around and saw the planet symbolically cannibalizing his flesh, drinking his blood, adorning jewelry & buildings with symbols of his assassination, elevating him to unreachable God status, and if he told them of his identity he would be off to the psyche ward and drugged." ~Phillip Walker

"The Vatican gave itself the label of representative of God." ~Phillip Walker

"God beliefs are a way for remote influencing technologies to have a direct covert relationship with someone." ~Phillip Walker

"As a fan of bible allegory - I hope the bible has a nice reality based allegory for the shadow government in the area of eternal damnation." ~Phillip Walker

"Take a step back for a moment, society actually wants to drink God's blood (Christ)." ~Phillip Walker
The God Spell
The God Spell: humanity has been conditioned to look up to a higher power when it comes to world change
The God Spell: god mythology created to serve agendas
The God Spell: strategic persuasion of people to rely on a higher power so the hidden hand can comfortably and covertly control the world
The God Spell: highest power possible in existence to impersonate
The God Spell: killing for god - god as a justification for killing
The God Spell: imposters of god - evil “representatives of god”
The God Spell: lucifer as god - the occultist god
The God Spell: framing of historical human beings as gods (e.g. jesus, buddha, etc)
The God Spell: reliance on God weaponized as a form of apathy & societal control
The God Spell: praying for things instead of taking action
The God Spell: saviorship model to promote apathy and thwart opposition
The God Spell: evil powers using the constructs related to god as a vector of covert psychological direction & behavioral control
The God Spell: what I call the dark law of attraction, when one assimilates to false ideologies also known as controlled opposition they are rewarded by the electronic control grid
The God Spell: remote influencing technologies masquerading as god
The God Spell: remote influencing technologies masquerading as the holy spirit
The God Spell: remote influencing technologies masquerading as jesus
The God Spell: it appears immutably impossible to prove that god exists or not either way, to me this supports non-existence

Evil Being #1: "how can we get good people to kill other good people?”
Evil Being #2: "give them weaponized mythology about god.”
Transhumanism PSYOP
• the shadow government have had exotic technologies and cybernetic networks since approximately the 1970s - the science of consciousness is a sensitive subject for the ruling class cybernetic networks - they have a philosophy of brainwashing and programming the public about their secret society perks

• alternative media/conspiracy theorists/new age demographics are currently full spectrum programmed by this transhumanism psyop, what is happening; imbalance of end game science is being proliferated by controlled opposition in alt media and also via drip fed technology and propaganda releases. The truth in a nutshell: Ai is the deepest science in the universe and neural interfacing is the most intellectual category of technology. These sciences are not truthfully blanket labeled one dimensionally.

• both benevolent extraterrestrials (angels) and evil extraterrestrials (fallen angels) use end game science

• gatekeeping alternative demographics from neural interfacing (neural interfacing: the great disillusionment tool, the ultimate brainwashing tool)

• the science of consciousness is a basis for psychological warfare allegory

• neuroscience technology will be relevant to disclosure - the design of consciousness (neural interfacing) is the top tool to inform a brainwashed, deluded, nescient, and naive public due to it's ability to show someone they are wrong (much better than linguistics)

“… we are in control, because basically we are not a political organization we are an
occult organization. We are working behind the scenes to manipulate the way that people think.
The war that we are waging is a guerrilla war on the human mind.[i][i]" ~Ex-Satanist Nikolas Schreck
Ai - Artificial Intelligence
• operates directed energy weapons

• perpetrates war criminal counterintelligence

• deep learning ai is behind the simulation and covert mind control of individuals

• shadow government cybernetic networks administrate the ai weapons systems

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves
up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." ~Adapted Winston Churchill Quote
Energy Weapons - Frequency Science - Microwave Warfare - Sonic Weaponry
• black project research and development (RnD) / special access programs

• the electromagnetic and sonic directed energy weapon grid is ai controlled

• cell phone tower and satellite frequency weapons - microwave transmitters doubled as energy weapons

• neural monitoring - ai processed thought surveillance

• electromagnetic mind control - rf mind hijacking - mind automation

• neural interfacing - brain-computer interfacing

• neuroscience based virtual reality - end game vr

• neurobody technology - any mental variable as internal body feedback

• radio frequency hacking and surveillance of electronics

• RF environmental scanning - rf capture - interferometry

• RF implants - nano-technology

• any device that emits rf energy can be weaponized

“The planet has already been merged with an Ai weapons system. The alt
media focus is in the future of this technology, while everyone is currently
mind tapped and remote influenced on a daily basis.” ~Phillip Walker
Capabilities of Ai and Energy Weapons
• one of the allegorical meanings of god (the similarity in capabilities of beliefs in god and the ability of energy weapons is more than coincidence)

• supreme capability for illusion via neuroscience trickery

• directed energy weapons are the prime modality of torture (this comes from the fact that energy weapons operate open source limits of consciousness via neuroscience)

"By telling their secrets their power is eroding.|i||ii|" ~Cathy O'Brien
Pros & Cons of End Game Science
• neural interfacing is an incredibly potent disillusionment or brainwashing tool

• end game technology provides practically limitless weaponization utility due to it's open source ability to design reality (from the mind to the weather)

• end game technology has prolific potential to be abused

• artificial intelligence is the deepest science in the universe

• frequency science is the most effective weapon in the universe

• neuro-tech is the universe’s end game covert enslavement tool

• things to avoid: implants, intellect augmentation, genetic engineering, cloning, gmo babies, replacing the soul with ai automation, cyborg bodies, detrimental prolonging of life, frankenstien concoctions, robotic war - automated war

• energy weapons when mastered and connected to artificial intelligence have capabilities that are traditionally applied to god. e.g. control of the weather, inducing volcano eruptions, control of minds/bodies, answers and denies prayers via ai processed neural monitoring, ability to control the insect & animal kingdoms, ability to interface with a mind, ability to communicate with a mind internally, ability to communicate in dreams, control of physics & environments, miraculous healing ability, instant death ability, ability to cause the appearance of a plague, gatekeeping of good and bad life conditions through the electronic control grid, giving success and damnation, the force behind the societal presence of demons; the ultimate weapon

• electromagnetism is a key to end game science - cheap and clean energy is just the tip of the iceberg of frequency science - frequency science has miraculous healing ability

• artificial intelligence will eventually lead to the end of the monetary enslavement system

• there are algorithmic design potentials for any possible agenda or purpose (positive or negative)

• directed energy is the scientific panacea - a prime modality for an advanced utopia

• unknown in alt media: future technology has balance - each capability for evil has polarity
Torture - Pain
• psychological and physical pain

• physical pain is also psychological

• one of the worst aspects of pain is emotional reactions

• neuro-tech reaches the limits of suffering and is currently weaponized in hi-tech satanic ritual abuse

• a soul has tolerances to variables of suffering - one thing can be a lot worse than another and vice verse

• torture can be put in a rating system of 1-10 - a 4/10 can be unbearable and 9.5/10 is obscene

• a soul gains psychological toughness with suffering - a soul may also be able to gain delicate nature from an easy existence

• evil seeks to ruin the existence of individuals through obscene ritual abuse

• one of the prime motivations of torture is sadism: a taste for the pain, suffering, humiliation, and degradation of another being

• effects of trauma based mind control: dissociation - disassociation - fracturing - fragmenting
• extreme levels of fear can be reached synthetically, as severe as incredible physical pain

• fear is a potent behavioral control mechanism

• an aspect of conquering fear: not allowing fear to change your behavior
My Victimization - Phillip Walker Testimony
• i have endured likely over 40,000 tortures (both psychological and physical)

tortures i have endured: alteration of my pain tolerance matrix, fear on the level of extreme pain in my body, organ puncture pains, bone pains, eye pains, brain pains, heart pains, muscle ripping pains, lung pains, tendon pains, stitches, neural heterodyne of pain, body movement created pain, extreme neural virtual reality, extreme and sadistic neurobody designs, weaponized v2k, weaponized concepts, weaponized synthetic emotions, homelessness, psychiatric drugging, wrongful jailing, wrongful sectioning, seeing my own work ripped off by imposters, my personality thefted and sanitized, i have been ritually abused every day for over a decade, every perceivable minute of my awake day for the last 20+ months has been filled with abuse - slander - torture

obscenely grievous slander ops: framing me for intellectual property theft when my ideology and terminology is incredibly homegrown and it is vice versa, personality theft, personality warping, body mutilation and design, a lifetime of fraudulent neural conditioning, image destruction - career robbery - opposite branding of everything that can be respected, removal of likable personality traits, fraudulent emotions, sanitization of my mind's conceptual definition, deattribution of practically all of my life's successes, physical rape of myself as a child and electronic torment about it as an adult, ritual neural rape of myself, concealment of my true character through brain damage and dirty medical supplementation, fraudulent augmentation claims when i actually have my own acuity, inversion of perception (they are making the victim persecuted for his own victimization)

i have been excessively framed for: as a terrorist, as a criminal, as a insane militant, being a psychological warfare operative, being collusive with the Russians, being a pedophile, being a rapist, being a murderer, being a black ops conspirator, mind controlling the world, human trafficking affiliation (i was trying to destroy these networks), a schizophrenic, insane, a false messiah, a charlatan, complicit illuminati, necrophiliac, a hebephile, for molestation (after calling out John Podesta for Madeline McCann's kidnapping and murder), rape, PERVINT surveillance perp, murder, conspiracy, election rigging, a groper, a drug addict, a dishonorable, as unfaithful, as dirty, as a handler, as a cia operative or administrator, national security destabilization, congressional fraud, presidential election fraud, as a targeted individual perp, a heartless psychopath (they neurally gave me a darker heart in about 2008 to match this), ugly, deranged, undesirable, evil. i am being framed for the comprehensive conspiracy I dedicated myself to stopping years back. i am a conspiracy witness with factual observation of a comprehensive amount of military and intelligence community war crimes. they have neurally generated false evidence to frame me for crimes i did not do, while consistently violating my free will with mind control throughout my life to correlate real actions in a much more comprehensive framing.

framing me for PERVINT: i began exposing a particular type of surveillance abuse: environmental scanning of physical bodies and algorithmically reproducing them into an interactive neural virtual reality; perpetrated by the international military and intelligence community. I was subsequently threatened and have not compromised, however I have been viciously framed for the privacy violations I was exposing involving neural rape of myself to female scans, scans of children, scans or representations of my family, scans of elderly, and others. This has happened to me in some cases while they physically rape me with body control, the black ops perpetrators have labeled it "soul rape" in prior cybernetic conversation.

ways i know i am dealing with evil: the degradation i have endured as result of black ops, the slander they are willing to do to get their objectives done, the threats they have subjected me to, the impurity they intently force into my mind and soul, their styles of coercion, how much they obsess about causing injustice to others, how they have threatened to nuke the world, how they excessively frame me, what their perceivable goals are with myself, how they design my mind, how they designed my body, how grievously they torture me, how they have robbed me of my entire existence, the rape they have subjected me to, how they have threatened to turn women i admire into sex slaves, how they have threatened to rape and/or molest individuals, how they retaliate, how they reason, what their agenda is, how they deceive, how they murder activists and other progressive talent, how they impersonate congress, how they have manipulated culture, how they have hormone and gender warped individuals, their obsessive focus on my private areas, how they have forcefed me with body control, how they have violated my family, how they have threatened my nephew (they said they would 'turn him into a transexual' unless i sacrifice what is most dear to me)

serial forced speech: highly criminal intelligence fraud via forcing my speech - obscenely evil natured oppression versus myself

trauma based mind control: i have dissociated from torture, and am enduring persistent fragmenting and fracturing attempts in the form. i go through neurally forced experiences while my reactions are sadistically designed.

• my life has been abused and ruined to myself

• my memory constantly altered - isolated and negated memory to exact neural framing designs (to induce fraudulent neural alignments)

• my thoughts sanitized and suppressed

• my work ruined - career neutralized - my income suppressed - reputation slandered

• my job security neutralized

• my mind violated serially

• my speech constantly forced

• my body violated

• i have been bled repetitively, have had blood pouring out of my body from automation of my body and mind

• i am being defrauded of my accomplishments by an excessive counterintelligence ai that deattributes my work in real time to the surveillance record

• i have endured excessive and consistent brainwashing attempts in a decade+ of overttargeting

• i have been mind automated in a violating and offensive fashion for months at a time without my own volition - free will - and sanctity of consciousness

• my life has been robbed from me (i am currently rebuilding my life)

• success has been robbed from me

• every project i start i have neural ruination attempts

• every business or organization i have has comprehensive cointelpro and obscene oppression

• people who support me are attacked by the same weapons system i am

• my filmmaking has been heavily disrupted

• they obsessively automate flaw in my: my music, films, manuscripts, documents, PDFs, books, websites, articles, links, article descriptions, illustrations, graphic design, artwork, photographs, videography, businesses, organizations, software, hardware, tweets, emails, social media posts, and interviews

• i deleted approximately over half of my music discography on grounds of sabotage and uncharacteristic music

• they threaten to ban my social media accounts via cybernetics

• i have had my positive personality traits exploited and weaponized against me

• my neural personality has been electromagnetically warped and partially deleted - a lot of the most valuable aspects of myself have been neurally sanitized (e.g. my benevolence, my modesty, my dedication, my empathy and heart, my logic, my awareness, my tastes, my senses, my judgment, my expression, my emotions, my concepts both mentally and ideologically, my linguistic expression and terminology, my memory, my body movements, my intellect, my talent, my skill...), my performance is serially suppressed - if i achieve high quality i get electronic harassment accusing me of augmentation, i have been chronically suppressed incredibly while being augmented frivolously for the counter point

• my reason electromagnetically altered

• my judgment synthesized

• my neural programming fraudulently conditioned

• psychological warfare directed at myself every day for over a decade

• information warfare with countering myself in mind

• damage of my hearing as a musician

• distortion of my eyesight and damage of eyes

• automated shaking with taunts in unison

• obscene and incredibly slanderous body control

• claims they genetically sabotaged me while saying they will frame me as a transhumanism GMO frankenstien psyop concoction (when i am a naturalist of sorts and antithetical to genetic engineering and psyop)

• my body and life have been designed with cruelty, slander, and evil in mind: i have experienced discoloring of my eyes, discoloring of my hair, undesirable and unwanted body changes, organ targeting and slow kill, attacks on my heart, muscular ripping feelings, achilles tendon cut feelings, microwave liquification of skin, deadening of skin via directed energy weapons, a non-sexually transmitted STD was arranged when I was in adolescence, honey traps and mkultra framing, personality replacement with automation, some of the most sick minded framing conceivable

• physical and ritual neural rape of myself in the areas of: pedophilia - beastiality - incest - molestation - rape - homosexuality - transexuality - hebephilia - necrophilia - obese sexuality - polygamy - exophilia

• i have been framed for crimes both physically and neurally - crimes they continually torment me with saying they will make people think it was my own volition/free will and character (they are crimes so grievous that even when a person knows it was not me in a legitimate sense the mind programming still brands me as the perversion victimizing my life)

• i am being framed as a pedophile (frameable circumstances: i was on a 123flashchat website [a website that has public chat rooms] and stumbled upon a chat room that seemed to be talking suspiciously with young age a/s/l's - i clicked on something to verify what was going on [very shortsighted] and it brought up child pornography, i subsequently reported the room to 123flashchat and i noticed some time after it got shut down; i was contacted in a cybernetic conversation allegedly the FBI saying they will be framing me for pedophilia and people will think i molested and murdered children (this happened after i called out john podesta for the alleged molestation and murder of madeline mccann). to add insult to injury i am a molestation victim and pedophilia is one of the most sensitive things for me to perceive)

• mind control of friends and family is occurring with models of belligerence, coercion, misconception, slander, framing, counter-proliferation, guilt by false association, character assassination by association,

• i was told with a v2k threat that a cybernetic source was going to hit people with pedophilia designs and connect me with them in an act of framing, this has happened

• powerful mind control coordinated to individuals i perceive - a technological rendition of street theatre

• distinct feelings of being cheated on with neurobody technology done to program the partner bond out of my soul, aggressive neural slander of my desired partner (also done to program the bond out of my soul)

• i have thus far not gone to authorities with my full story because i have been falsely diagnosed in psychiatric cointelpro and my story is too extreme to be believable over a covert ops mental illness rationalization. in addition the watchdog organizations in my country are complicit and willing to perpetrate treason and/or are absolutely negligent in protecting the liberty and safety of Americans from neuro-abuse.

• excessive image cognition manipulation when i look at faces

• orchestration of myself losing my 2 former jobs -working full time and part time at once (i still could not afford moving out of my parent's house or have a car i owned)

• misdiagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic for identifying through all of this that the federal government is attacking me

• i am a soul science experimentee (they want to impurify my soul)

• negation of my free will has occurred every day of my perceivable life - automation of slander in place of my free will is obviously a model against me

• my body has been implanted against my will - i have been implanted with mind control implants

• i have been violated with crude forms of energy

• physics technology is weaponized against me with unexplainability and slander as the model

• i feel like after this level of neuro-abuse nobody in my life actually knows the real person i am

• my life has been integrated with full spectrum ruination and slander

• i am in need of medical supplementation for brain damage: i have been made reliant on brain implants

• my dexterity has been affected - my body controlled abusively

• i have been mind automated for extended periods of time obscenely abusively and highly detrimentally to my monetary and career success

• i have been intellectual property thefted by both surveillance connected with thought injection and deep learning ai based simulation after surveillance of my soul's mental algorithms - my personality in thinking has been thefted

• my ideology and business ideas have been thefted via surveillance and ai

• i have been dehumanized and sanitized from myself

• and concealed from the entire general public

• powerful mind control related to the ugliness of individuals

• an orchestrated car crash that i got sued for and stressed a high amount about

• sadistic experiences designed when i am around people

• constant ai targeting

• obsessive attempts at ruining how people view my accomplishments

• personality fragmentation

• brain fracturing

• personality deletion

• soulular misalignment

• bond reduction

• rape in every category of sexual abuse I know

• legacy ruination

• opposite branding

• monetary cointelpro

• business ruination

• image management

• brain damage

• various forms of drugging

• forced speech

• mind control every day of my perceivable life

• ultimatums

• reputation distortion

• fight threats

• rape threats

• death threats

• prison threats

• extradition threats

• framing threats

• family threats

• partner threats

• constant microwave auditory effect

• repetitive v2k memory ruination

• career destruction - career robbery - personality theft - personality deletion

• intellectual property theft through surveillance and thought insertion of psyche profiled candidates

• mind controlled false plagiarism claims

• constant brainwashing attempts

• neural programming ruination

• neural character warping

• torture in a comprehensive manner: mental

• full spectrum cointelpro in my life, my work, my jobs, my activism, my projects, my businesses, my organizations, my accomplishments

• conceptual blunting - emotional blunting - personality blunting

• intrusive brainwave surveillance

• offensive, violating, and abusive trolling with end game science

• incredibly offensive, immature, dishonorable, crude, cruel, twisted, sadistic abuse in a ritual fashion through my entire life

• insane, obscene, perverted, cruel, and slanderous treatment of myself

• linguistic programming ruination

• forced mistakes in work

• mind automation

• body automation

• an extremely comprehensive framing of myself (for the exact crimes I am a victim of)

• slow kill 24/7

• electronic hacking

• web analytics disrupted

• communications disrupted

• reducing my soul's taste for bci

• ideology corruption attempts

• terminology corruption attempts

• weaponized false claims

• threats of false witnesses

• belief system brainwashing attempts my entire perceivable life

• arranged rape and molestation

• obscenely excessive neural rape and molestation

• arranged disease - neurobody disease designs

• oddjob implants (too disturbing to name)

• targeting designed to be unexplainable - plausible deniability is incorporated into the designs of targeting (e.g. perpetrating perceivably improbable or impossible targeting

• it is common for a ti to be targeted with experiences to induce those they speak with to trigger conclusions of insanity (this has happened to myself)

• soul programming such as: the neurobody feeling my soul mate cheated on me (soul bond reduction) -

• impurifying my soul via neuroweaponry

• i am victimized by a model of forcing speech or erasing memory while aligning compatible deceptions (planning intelligence fraud with congress, judges, world governments, etc to neutralize my opposition to the shadow government)

• slicing and chopping automated speech (directly after the forced speech is when there is evidence of vindication: the parts they will cut out with false intelligence) - forcing fraudulent criminal speech through myself into neural surveillance

• negation of my free will neurally, constant offensive and violating coercion, managing how people perceive my image (i do not project an inauthentic image, they want to program the opposite in people), erosion of neural ethics, punishments for trying to save people from the same crimes i am up against, automating my mind in unison to their crimes, shifting blame from their crimes to myself (one of their opposition and an antithesis)

• my victimizers claim they are violating me with "soul rape", my body gets synthetic feelings the war criminals refer to as "angel rape" (in my opinion this is damnable)

• comprehensive slander ops - opposite branding - reputation management - image distortion - intellectual property theft (surveillance or ai based simulation in unison to thought injection) - false plagiarism claims to reduce respectability of accomplishments - originality suppression - de-respect mechanisms - personality theft

"...the technology for torture has advanced more than a hundred fold in recent decades."
-Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan
words that represent what i have been through:
• oppressive
• cruel
• sadistic
• offensive
• dirty
• crude
• perverted
• twisted
• deranged
• psychopathic
• evil
an attempt at summing up my life:
• full spectrum rape of my life, body, mind and soul
• being threatened and mislabeled by the insane for seeing the truth
• unknown altruism and effect while living against impossible conditions
Black Ops Crime Syndicate
• black budget - black projects - black operations aka black ops

• a set of behind the scenes shadow government cybernetic networks exist

• it appears that cybernetic networks are often compartmented into country based networks or multiple networks per country. often compartmented by intelligence agency and/or military.

• joint operations with no paper trail are planned by BCI & Ai and implemented via the electronic control grid (the products of project mkultra)

• an overarching secret society or set of secret societies comprised of war criminals oversee operations within the intelligence and military cybernetic networks

• the most sick minds on the face of the earth are within the ranks of these networks

• shadow government cybernetic networks are ran by misogynistic males

• the black ops crime syndicate is comprised of mkultra handlers

• surveillance is abused incredibly grievously by the black ops crime syndicate

• handler / asset - pyramid model - master / slave - slave model

• the black ops crime syndicate is handled by cosmic evil
Cybernetic Networks
• the vatican / society of jesus / knights of malta
• the central intelligence agency
• united states military - u.s. navy / u.s. air force / u.s. army / u.s. marine corps
• the pentagon / department of defense (DoD)
• national security agency (NSA)
• federal bureau of investigation (FBI)
• national reconnaissance office (NRO)
• national geospatial-intelligence agency (NGA)
• department of homeland security (DHS)
• world health organization (WHO)
• federal communications commission (FCC)
• security industry companies (e.g. amazon is rumored to be tied to criminal cybernetics)
• israeli military / mossad
• british royals / british military / mi5 / mi6 / gchq
• saudi arabian military / general intelligence directorate (GID)
• german military / the federal intelligence service (bundesnachrichtendienst)
• indian military / intelligence Bureau (IB)
• chinese military / the ministry of state security (MSS)
• russian military (now a former member of the syndicate) / federal security service (FSB) / kgb
• japanese military / public security intelligence agency (公安調査庁)
• danish military / politiets efterretningstjeneste (PET)
• french military / french intelligence
• spanish military / the national intelligence center (CNI)
• australian military / australian secret intelligence service (ASIS)
• new zealand military / security intelligence service (SIS)
• canadian military / canadian security intelligence service (CSIS)
• brazilian military / agência brasileira de inteligência (ABIN)
• pakistani military / inter-services intelligence (ISI)
• north korean military / state security department (SSD)
• iranian military / ministry of intelligence
• plenty of unnamed corporations within the military industrial complex
• every unnamed & corrupted military worldwide has potential to be involved
• every unnamed intelligence agency worldwide has potential to be involved
• secret societies are the force that controls the intelligence community
• rumor: every party that has figured out RF based neural monitoring has been initiated into a secret coalition controlled by totalitarian secret society members

"Each agency plays it’s role in the integrated global system."
~Black Project Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan
Manifestation of Evil
• brainwashing - psyop

• genetic engineering - creating genetic impurity - cloning

• ecocide - waste - pollution

• christicide - hereticide

• nuclear warfare - biological warfare - chemical warfare

• surveillance based sadism - surveillance based neural interfacing

• murder - assassination of those antithetical to evil

• life imprisonment - false indictment - framing

• deattribution - neural deattribution of accomplishments through automation

• relationship cointelpro - destruction of relationships and bonds

• preying on the vulnerable and defenseless

• destroying the best and brightest

• highly grievous slander

• shifting blame - shifting credit - false accolades - false credit

• human trafficking - sexual enslavement - sexual abuse

• honey traps

• intentional and sadistic degradation of other individual's existences

• gender warping - sexuality inversion - destruction of the family - reduction of positive tradition

• culture destruction - society warping

• mind destruction - neural programming - neural conditioning

• soulular conceptual blunting - soulular emotional blunting - soulular clarity degradation

• neuro-abuse to pervert a soul - perversion of a soul's linguistic programming attributes

• legacy inversion - legacy ruination - spirit degradation

• soul programming - creating soulular impurity - automated civilization

• ending bloodlines - genocide - genetic ruination

• soulular misalignments - genetic conditioning - neurological control

• soulular dissociation - soulular disassociation - soulular fracturing - neural fragmentation

• soul mate relationship ruination - eternal ruination - soul destruction

• galactic war - automated war
"The natural laws of the universe are the limits of evil." ~Phillip Walker

tyrannicidal definition: a lust for the assassination of tyrants.

definitions for: dark pact / devil's advocate / dark prayer / dark karma / dark laws of attraction

dark pact definition: selling one's soul in exchange for benefit.
sentence: "servitude is the result of dark pacts"

devil's advocate definition: neural interfacing is used to insert shadow government agenda friendly thoughts advice: reject any and all dark thoughts

dark prayer definition: an inverted prayer (inversion of God prayer)
sentence: "people pray to lucifer in addition to god."

Beware: never make a deal with a source of evil, and never wager your soul within your own mind in a form of dark prayer. the prayers may be answered, but the cost may be your existence in the long term.

dark karma definition: an inverted concept of the construct of karma. being punished for acts of good.
sentence: "evil looks to punish activists who powerfully oppose their systems of control"

dark laws of attraction definition: being rewarded with success for serving evil's agenda.
sentence: "the dark law of attraction is used to condition a culture conducive to shadow government agendas"
new age ideology: the new age laws of attraction convince people of a false version of manifestation.

"You should never ask an evil source for a favor." ~Phillip Walker
The Occult
• the occult is the hidden - the unseen - the unknown

• higher level occultists develop knowledge and prey on individuals from higher ground

• lower level occultists are manipulated by an occultist rendition of the new age (spiritual warfare illusions induced by the mechanics of neuroscience)

• as you raise through the ranks of occultism it is assumable the illusions are cleared

• scientific and psychological knowledge weaponized versus the international population

• involution is a motivation of occultists

• the highest level occultists are atheists

• the cosmic sources occultists worship and are servile to are antithetical to human

• occultists have warped perception of christ by associating him with religion, in this process they have conditioned the population with satanic practices (such as the weekly ritual of drinking christ's blood)

• top level occultists have an inverted and evil ideology of god (as atheists)

• lucifer is a well known name for the patriarch of this planet's evil

"what if christ looked around and saw the planet symbolically cannibalizing his flesh, drinking his blood, adorning jewelry & buildings with symbols of his assassination, elevating him to unreachable God status, and if he told them of his identity he would be off to the psyche ward and drugged." ~Phillip Walker
Allegorical End Times
as an atheist i find allegorical value in mythology such as end times. my perspective of what end times actually is: in end times (which is an allegorical phrase in my opinion) evil rules the world, people are spiritually unclean and often have unsightly bodies, genetics are being degraded irrepairably, the ecosystem is being destroyed, the atmosphere is degrading, war is persistent, psyop is pervading mainstreamism and alt media, society is going downhill unless there is a miraculous victory, more than half the planet brainwashed, the vatican is impersonating god and christ as occultist imposters, character flaw is rampant, judgment is incompetent, leaders are covertly groomed for their positions by evil, democracy is utterly exploited, government is corrupted or antithetical to true progress, activism has been branded as negative, whistleblowers and media producers are full of imposters, science is being made impure, the ocean is polluted and killed, a new religion for alternative demographics led by a false messiah was proliferated (the new age), moral christianity is being neutralized, prisons are overzealously built, children are being drugged, food is poisoned, the air is poisoned with aerosol injections that mainstream society denies as nonsense, cover stories are abundant, the drinking water is toxic, conspiracy belief is labeled as incredulous, those closest to truth are labeled mentally ill, those programmed by a false sense of normality are weaponized, the dishonorable rise in society while the righteous are destroyed, accomplishments are defrauded and deattributed, fraudulent accolades are given to those who have servitude to evil, the world is ruled by those most spirituality perverted, the antichrist lords over the planet (former hitler youth pope emeritus joseph ratzinger - benedict xvi)...

De-Occultist definition
someone who reveals hidden knowledge, particularly for collective gain.
tenets: truth. progress. discernment. emancipation. collective gain.
ideology: disillusionment. decorruption. transparency. decentralization. justice.
The de-occultist is an antithesis of brainwashing & illusion.
• altruism and collective gain are motivations of deoccultism
• truth and progress are prime ethos of deoccultism - so is justice and prevention
• motivation to eliminate the social systems of evil
• deoccultism is threatening to those that do it
• deoccultists try to awaken an awareness to inspire positive change

See also: List of Shadow Government Agendas & Methods

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