Friday, December 1, 2017

Counter Darkness Organization

Counter Darkness
An Anti-Evil Organization.

Opposition to occultism, govt conspiracy, corporate corruption, fascism, war, torture,
media deception, information warfare, physical & mental slavery, non-consensual
experimentation, wrongful imprisonment, law enforcement impropriety,
military & intelligence community war crimes, and ritual abuse.

To be added to the list you must:
1) share a commitment to help all members of society break free from institutional, organizational, political, professional or personal oppression.

2) agree to the ethos of Counter Darkness in opposing evil and it's manifestations in society. We encourage effective action against evil (perhaps truth defeats evil the best). Note: Counter Darkness does not condone violence.

Comment/reply to this article with your name or pseudonym and your intent to join the pledge list if you would like to add your name to the list. Why you oppose evil is a welcome addition to your name/pseudonym.

Founder: Activist Musician Phillip Walker

The following individuals support Countering Darkness:
Saulo Chami
Ahmad Enani
Daniel McGeechan
Ben Mitchell
Michael K. Yazdian
Karen Melton-Stewart
Samir Maksoud
Monika Ann Baran
Ramola D
Dark Brew
Ian Kiley
Anne Ødegård
Nisse Eriksson
Rachel Smith
Elizabeth Crofts
Jennifer Kharrat

The following groups support Countering Darkness:
The Paladins of Steel

(Counter Darkness does not necessarily endorse every entity listed)


  1. Hello ; My name is Ben Mitchell, Occultism decided to declare war on me back in 2001. Since then occultism has , on a daily basis, done battle with me. They use their MAGIC. Black Magic. They operate against their "Threats To Their Society" list. If you find youself on this list you can expect to have a series of bad days. Everything in the world that's paranormal, unexplainable, deniable and "impossible" is going to happen to you everyday until you die. So, if they say they want top put you into the prison system that means (Their own personal prison system that exists on the planet EARTH). You can be in prison system at home even. So, being targeted by a cult or secret society is by far the worst experience I'VE EVER HAD. I live daily because I'm not dark, or evil, I'm light and I'm not evil, I fight a war "daily" against evil. I do not hate ALL EVIL, as you need to know what evil/darkness is , in order to know what good/light/white magic is.. It definitely helps to actually literally know darkness.

  2. We are a revalutionist civilian initiative group called The paladins of steel. We are doing research into the artificail telepathy device weapon and directed energy assault that is currently harrasing and causing people torment, pain, dissease, destruction and death! And we are currently coming to breakthrough's in our research! Come to this link and talk to me
    And we will be able to help. We would also like to be affiliated and associated with this group!

  3. darkBRew opposes evil & the construct of mind control designed & implemented by the new age cult leaders

  4. opposes evil & the new age cult mind control designed/implemented to cage the soul

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  6. Hello, Name is Nisse Eriksson. I agree with the mission statement and would like to be added to your list! As a non joiner, I've come to clash with dark elements, so I thought I'd go against my impulse of non participation for once and actually join a cause I can stand for.

  7. I have been a targeted individual since 2000 and maybe before I've lost my kids and many years of my life that I can't get back because of evil operations my daughter was raped my family turned against me and my marriages and my business sabotage I need support to fight the darkness I believe in the Lord but I am growing week and I can't do this alone please add me to your cause

  8. I am with Nisse Eriksson, in sentiment. I tend to opt out and would be unwilling to increase the pressure, however, my support system has been removed and I have been physically abused in a ritualistic sort of fashion. (both experimentation and straight out abuse, including sexual abuse) I would like to know what kind of assistance you can offer people in direct physical danger?

    1. I am also in direct physical danger. I am abused from wake to sleep with neuroweaponry. My organization cannot offer full protection from military & intelligence agency neuro-thugs. I try to equip TIs with knowledge to better navigate their situation, however if they want to attack you there is nothing reasonable I can do to stop it.


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