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Shadow Government Social Suppression Systems
An Anti-Evil Organization.
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Systems of Suppression
Shadow government systems of suppression notably include double standards against righteous opposition and implement social systems which in effect suppress effective opposition to shadow government agendas. The systems seek to impose conditions in which opposition to evil has a disadvantage in the shadow government's ongoing covert war.

Evil is willing to perpetrate any action as opposed to an opposition who has moral fabric, ethical standards, and class. This provides evil with an advantage in warfare options. The methods of suppression spoken of in this article are installments of systems to further give the shadow government the advantage over their opposition.
Suppression of Speaking Out:
* Social degradation for speaking the truth
* Financial degradation for speaking the truth[4]
* Systems of ridicule/ostracization for those who speak deeper truth (e.g. being labeled mentally ill, a tin foil hat nutcase, etc)
* Systems of slander & marginalization for those who witness shadow government conspiracy
* Conformism to a system of not speaking about religion or politics (suppression of thinking about a deception)
* Control of scientific monetary resources - sensitive truths leading to funding cuts
* Religious threats to well being or life itself for opposing it's brainwashing doctrine
* Laws of attraction psyops - ignore the negative[1] - ignorance of evil by proliferating the ideology that focusing on evil brings it into your life (Mark Passio: Seeing the negative for what it is creates the ability to steel oneself against it’s harmful effects, and possibly even avert those effects entirely)
* Manipulative NLP labeling of shadow government opposition (e.g. 'conspiracy theorist')
* Labeling of witnesses to extreme conspiracy as "paranoid schizophrenic" as a form of credibility marginalization
* Murder of those who speak out effectively conditions a culture of fear among those who witness it

“John Lennon’s killer claimed voices kept saying 'do it, do it' over and over again.
TAMI came online in 1976, and John Lennon was killed in 1980.”
~Department of Defense Whistleblower, From the Out of Print Book: The Matrix Deciphered

* Strategic incrimination is done to shadow government assets & targets to compromise their ability to speak out
* Non-disclosure agreements are used to legally bind an individual from speaking out
* Court gag orders can be used to censor information
* National security methods can be used as a form of censorship
* Secret society blood oaths are used to threaten those who may eventually want to speak out
* Use of coercion to suppress a witness from speaking out (e.g. assassination threats - threats to family members and/or loved ones)
* Inside the shadow government the variables for betraying the agenda are so severe that the path is not tread by high level occultists
* Mainstream media shills cause ridicule of opposition to the shadow government
* Mainstream media shills promote slander of opposition to the shadow government
* Tabloids are used as a means of celebrity punishment
* Search engine censorship
* Eugenics operations against bloodlines that speak out (e.g. ending bloodlines, sabotaging bloodlines)
* Witnessing the social degradation of those who speak out conditions a culture of fear in society and in effect neutralizes effective opposition

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.” ~Edward Snowden
Suppression of What is Right:
* Associating whistleblowers with treason (what this shows is the government has actually brainwashed people into thinking exposing it's criminality is treason)
* Punishments for not following orders (strict yes-men order following policies have been implemented)
* Punish / Reward system: monetary rewards for corruption / monetary penalties for speaking out[4]
* Punish / Reward system: entrapment and slander for speaking out / false accolades for those serving the agenda
* Punish / Reward system: gatekeeping of success - sponsored success for those that serve the agenda / suppression of success of those who have oppositional ethos
* Punish / Reward system: gaslighting of those who know deeper truth / rewarding of those that ignorantly do not
* Music industry predictive programming (e.g. debasement of morals through music conditioning[2][3])
* Corporate lobby: corporate interests over the individual or society as a whole
* Religious warfare - brainwashing to impose militancy against the truth and those who speak it
* The shadow government creates uphill battles for opposition to evil through overly imposed law, corrupt social systems, technological cointelpro, etc
* Social engineering of hatred toward a particular demographic, this is then translated into injustices for the demographics that are hated
* Promotion of moral relativism - promotion of the Satanist ideology that there is no right or wrong
* Eugenics operations against bloodlines that have irreproachable traits

“It’s debasement of morals, and it’s affecting culture and people’s perceptions of what’s acceptable and what
isn’t. It’s the shaping of values, social engineering.[2][3]“ ~Mark Devlin on Mainstream Music Culture
Suppression of Social Progress:
* Both liberals and conservatives can be used as tools against social progress
* Shadow government assets in key places
* cointelpro for those who bring positive change
* Pervasive psychological warfare preserving systems of control
* Corporate systems to assist in covering up war criminal activity
* Corporate gatekeeping - corporate models rationalized by 'profit' that coincide with shadow government agendas
* Mainstream media operative brainwashing to anchor rationalized premises against true social progress
* Eugenics operations against bloodlines that are potent with social progress

"Intelligence agencies are used for their ability to keep secrets, superior funding, national security
excuses, lack of true checks and balances, & propensity for criminal activity.[5]" ~Targeted Musician Omnisense
Additional Information:
* Law Gatekeepers: select individuals that are in heavy alignment to shadow government agendas are allowed criminality by the watchdog organizations that are supposed to be in charge of upholding the law. Those that betray the shadow government agenda in some form are prone to be prosecuted by these organizations.
* Shadow government evils are enhanced by full blown criminality such as assassination of paradigm shifting musicians, if an opposition to the shadow government ever decided to strike back in an act of justice there would surely be attempts to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. The law is effectively imbalanced to the benefit of the shadow government war criminals.
* What this article speaks of is the covert engineering and shaping of society with malicious intent to be more conducive to occultist ideals/interests
* An Ai based directed energy weapons system is perpetrating grievous cointelpro social engineering upon the global population (e.g. covert thought insertion via neuroweaponry)
* Brainwashing is in place to keep systems of suppression functioning
* The governmental environment is formulated in ways to keep these social systems in place
* Media is concocted to condition these social systems

"There is a double standard that evil has free reign for militancy and their opposition
is highly suppressed in fighting back with equal force." ~Targeted Musician Omnisense
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[x]: Some of the Portions of this article are from the book manuscript: The Electronic Control Grid, by Omnisense
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