Thursday, January 4, 2018

Counter Darkness Shill of the Month Award

The Counter Darkness organization gives tribute to those that effectively oppose the shadow government's agendas (See a portal for those here). Due to the seething levels of corruption in government we have decided to do an opposite award: The Counter Darkness Shill of the Month Award. Those that win a shill of the month award are noted as shadow government minions in the undermining of key values & aspects of society. While it is called an award, it is truly a dishonor. Those that make this list are a walking disgrace servile to treasonous and corrupted agendas. The shill of the month award is given when exceptional corruption or servitude to shadow government agendas is witnessed by the editor & founder of the Counter Darkness website & organization.

December 2017 Shill of the Month Award: Ajit Pai of the FCC
* Net Neutrality repeal on December 14th, 2017
* Setting the foundation for a greedy corporate pilfering of a once free internet
* Rescinding of protections for small businesses, underground musicians and artists on the internet
* Ajit Pai was a Verizon lawyer previous to his appointment to heading the Federal Communications Commission[x]
* Ajit Pai's affiliation with Verizon shows a conflict of interest with the duties of Chairman of the FCC, and denotes a likelihood of administrative incompetency

January 2018 Shill of the Month Award: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions
* Rescinding of protections for legal business owners & consumers
* Undermining of the democratic process
* Absurd bias and/or deception about cannabis consumption (e.g. cannabis makes people violent)
* Enabling cointelpro of a medicinal plant and federal imprisonment of it's growers & consumers
* Undermining freedom for legal cannabis users and businesses
* Enabling a foundation for the destruction of small businesses which sell legal medicinal CBD & THC products

May 2018 Shill of the Month Award: Judge Geoffrey Marson QC
* Sentencing an activist to prison for protesting pedophilia
* Creating a media blackout for the case (See: Crown Court Document)
* Attempting to silence voices speaking out about his injustice (gag order)
* Promoting a culture of protection for pedophiles
* Incompetence and/or compromised nature as a UK Circuit Judge

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  1. Maybe someone should start Schindler's list 2.0 so none of these evil doers gets away when this thing blows open.

  2. I like your initiative and am interested in speaking with you to explore where our research and understandings may compliment each other.

    1. Sure I'll bite, what did you have in mind?

    2. I'm the founder/author of this website. You can email me with the contact form at the bottom of the page.


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