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Black Ops Assassination Techniques

Black Ops Assassination Techniques
(slow kill & fast kill pages from my document: Hi-Tech War Crime Report)
Slow Kill Assassination:
• natural death cover stories are utilized to conceal murderous cybernetic network assassination programs
• infrared guided microwave targeting of pinpoint spots on the body[x]
• consistently applied microwave beams can induce cancers and tumors
• microwave induced cancers & tumors are given to enemies of the black ops crime syndicate (Frank Church’s death is particularly suspicious to me)
• slow directed energy degradation of organs (happening to myself most likely)
• electromagnetic targeting of the endocrine system (as Dr. Barrie Trower states)
• many other methods are surely operational (e.g. excessive x-ray radiation)
• perpetrated wildly beyond ethical means

“I made a statement in Birmingham in [the UK], probably 15 years ago, and I haven’t changed it since. And
I’ve said that I believe that this industry and the part of the government which is encouraging them will be responsible for more civilian deaths and suffering than all the terrorist groups in the world, ever. And with the
growth of the industry over the last 15 years I would say now that these people are probably going to cause more death and suffering than the entire 2nd world war, is that genocide, yes without a shadow of a doubt…[y][z]”
~Ex-Black Project Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower
Fast Kill Assassination:
• acute Ai operated assault
• radio frequency scanning & pinpoint targeting of body organs
• assassination capable ground & space based covert directed energy weapons system
• natural death possibilities can be induced via directed energy weapons
• microwave induced heart attacks are used strategically to achieve CIA social objectives (the modern rendition of the heart attack gun[x] revealed via the Church Committee in the 1970s)
• microwave frequency induced stroke techniques have been perfected with the suffering and deaths of citizens
• after what I have witnessed it seems perfectly feasible for directed energy weapons to induce a brain aneurysm
• RF energy death ray (as Tesla predicted while ridiculed by the scientific establishment)
• car accidents can be induced by controlling an individual’s mind (I have witnessed orchestrated car accidents)
• planes can be sabotaged fatally with directed energy weapons
• fatal control of the body
• mind controlled overdose
• mind controlled suicide
• mind controlled lone gunman

Directed energy weapon assassination of civilians is perpetrated
by a wide range of militaries and intelligence agencies.

Page from an upcoming book release:
The Spirit of Evil: Full Spectrum Warfare, by Phillip Walker
The PDF for this book will be available Here.

Black Ops Murder - The Good Die Young
Innovative Thinkers with Suspicious Deaths

(ages at death in parenthesis)

Bob Marley (Age: 36)
Dolores O’Riordan (Age: 46)
John Lennon (Age: 40)
Bruce Lee (Age: 32)
Brandon Lee (Age: 28)
Chris Cornell (Age: 52)
Tupac Shakur (Age: 25)
Bradley Nowell (Age: 28)
Bill Hicks (Age: 32)
Kurt Cobain (Age: 27)
Jim Morrison (Age: 27)
Jimi Hendrix (Age: 27)
Janis Joplin (Age: 27)
Marilyn Monroe (Age: 36)
Michael Jackson (Age: 50)
Terence McKenna (Age: 53)
Aaliyah Dana Haughton (Age: 22)
Princess Di (Age: 36)
John F. Kennedy (Age: 46)
John F. Kennedy Jr. (Age: 38)
Robert F. Kennedy (Age: 42)
Martin Luther King Jr (Age: 39)
Malcolm X (Age: 39)

“The shadow government has a deep legacy of
assassinating innovative thinkers.” ~Phillip Walker

My favorite singer: The Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan was assassinated in London, UK - January 15th, 2018. The cause of death has thus far not been released (usually they release a cover story in black ops assassinations). Her true cause of death was likely directed energy weapons…

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