Saturday, November 3, 2018

Mental Illness & Schizophrenia Ideology

• schizophrenia does not exist in my belief system, it is a blanket label for a variety of societal judgments
• if schizophrenia is defined as a state of delusional nature as society suggests: it is conclusive that the majority of the planet is technically schizophrenic
• the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenic is weaponized against knowledgeable dissidents
• schizophrenia as a word appears to be designed with intent to cause a hi-tech psychological direction quality judgment with organic wording - predictive equivalent of linguistic thought insertion
• microwave auditory effect has scientifically proven that it is objective fact that microwaves can be beamed and modulated to create voices. this was discovered at the very latest in the 1960s.

In my time on this planet I have experienced enough to conclude the majority of society is delusional about the occult (which comprises more of reality than they are aware of). Being that the most common definition for schizophrenia appears to be a frequency of delusion: the majority of society matches it's own definition of schizophrenia (and in a growing state it is becoming pharmaceutically soulless).

Mental illness in my opinion does exist in the form of dishonor, dishonesty, infidelity, sadism, abuse, betrayal, pedophilia and other perversions, murder, corruption, rape, slander, obscene deception, and cruelty.
Psychiatric Warfare Quotations:
"To put it into perspective, the targeted individual holocaust is denied by most of the planet, and the victims are labeled mentally ill." ~Phillip Walker

"Psychiatrists are not reasonable about electronic targeting. Nor is the ideology compatible with diagnosing the difference between directed energy weapon targeting and insanity. To add insult to injury, targets are intentionally hit with psychological warfare in attempts to induce insanity." ~Phillip Walker

"The directed energy weapon conspiracy is designed to be so monstrous that it causes skepticism or pure rejection when mentioned by a witness or researcher." ~Phillip Walker

"If schizophrenia is categorized as highly delusional it would be accurate to term modern psychiatrists as schizophrenics. In addition to this what they peddle is hazardous. This makes them dangerous schizophrenics." ~Phillip Walker

"Doctors are out of their league when diagnosing directed energy weapon assaults." ~Phillip Walker

"They want to turn America and the world into a psychiatric prison." ~Phillip Walker

"The CIA & co have engineered mental illness paradigms to use as a cointelpro utility." ~Phillip Walker

"Spreading disinformation is a CIA divide and conquer methodology in that once it is assimilated those that can separate the wheat from the chaff are ostracized and society automatically suppresses their success." ~Phillip Walker

"Society is so backwards that knowing the truth is considered mental illness." ~Phillip Walker

"The groups targeting people know what tactics to induce in a targeted individual's experience to make those they speak to trigger conclusions of insanity." ~Phillip Walker

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